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  • Full-time
  • Amsterdam, NL

Posted on February 13, 2023

What we do

Farmless is a venture backed Dutch start-up that grows healthy food without arable land by turning renewable energy into food through fermentation. We select microbes for the potential food applications based on their functionality and nutritional value, and grow them in standard bioreactors. This process uses 10-100x less land than plant protein and 100-500x less than animal protein. The land that Farmless frees up can be given back to nature. Our product can become one of the cheapest scalable forms of protein for human consumption at scale in the next decade.

Location & start date


Our labs and offices are located at the Science Park in Amsterdam.


  • Competitive Salary and Benefits

  • Purpose: Helping shape a new era for humanity

  • Free healthy vegan lunches, snacks and drinks

  • Company provides you with a new macbook

  • Work in a diverse and dynamic team

Culture and values

We believe that diversity prospers serendipity. At Farmless we think and operate on a planetary scale, and take our responsibility. Our goal is to create a future worth getting excited about.

Farmless manifesto

We believe the Anthropocene is an age where we as society become mature and take responsibility.

In this new world we see food and nature as solutions and not problems. In the old days we would eat stuff in the hope it had the right nutrients. Grow a cow and eat some of its edible parts, ingest the good and the bad. However in this new age of Farmless, we will make food from the bottom up. By harvesting the tiniest parts of biology, we can directly create macronutrients such as proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates or beneficial fats. Not only will this lead to healthier, tastier and more affordable foods and products, this will decouple us from agriculture.

This decoupling will give back the land we borrowed from nature and rewild our planet. No longer do we have to choose between the wicked problem of agriculture, cities, energy or nature. This advancement of humanity and the transition from agriculture to Farmless is a coming of age story. To quote Tolstoy: As long as there are slaughterhouses there will always be battlefields. Agricultural free fermentation will enable us to become more peaceful, advanced and balanced as a society.

By combining our advances in technology, such as renewables, (synthetic) biology and machine learning mankind can truly harness the power of nature during the age of Farmless. This unlocking of nature and physics will allow us to create powerful hybrid systems. Efficient and deliberate, using energy wisely and creating precisely what we want.

The future starts now. More with less. Farmless

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