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Ready to become a fermer?

We brew planet friendly protein ingredients using the ancient craft of fermentation. Our process is up to 5000x more land efficient than animal agriculture and requires no agricultural land.

About Farmless

We’re a startup, ferments healthy and delicious proteins with a tiny footprint. We use renewable feedstocks to brew a nutritious and healthy amino-acid complete protein ingredient. We select microbial cultures for the potential food applications based on their functionality and nutritional value and grow them in steel tanks. This process is vastly more sustainable and up to 5000x more land efficient than animal agriculture. We believe that decoupling protein production from agricultural land can free up vast tracts of land which can be given back to nature, capturing gigatonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We're a small team with broad expertise, including people from The Vegetarian Butcher, Hero, DSM, Noma and Fastned. We’re still in the early days, which means you have the exciting chance to become an early employee in a fast growing, ambitious, deep-tech startup.

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